A Walk in the Jungle

H140xW140cm (each panel)

Acrylic Painting, Silkscreen Printing, Bronze Foiling & Stitchwork on Canvas


Walking at the MacRichie Reservoir I was amazed to find out that pockets of Primary rainforest still exist, not something I would have expected in a built-up city such as Singapore.

“A walk in the Jungle” was inspired by those MacRichie walks where you can find yourself fully surrounded by huge trees and musty soil scents just moments away from the city hustle.  Whilst walking I imaged myself been much further away from city life and truly far far away in a massive rainforest … this artwork was thus developed from both reality & the imaginary places that that reality took me too.

Layers of green textures and glimmering golden light capture some of the moments when my senses were heightened and connected with the beauty of nature.

It was important that this artwork was made into a large series of three as I wanted the viewer to experience a sense of entering the artwork, and then getting lost in the colours of their own imagination.