Testimonials for Artworks

Dear Deborah,
I met you a few weeks ago at your studio in Singapore.
I really loved meeting you, your team and to see your most amazing art, it was truly such an inspiring visit and a highlight of my trip to Singapore.
I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to show me around and to explain things - that was so kind of you.
— Jannene White
we are enjoying your art work, I hanged it in my living room and the color perfectly matches with my living room. I wanted to own an art work which reminds me of Singapore, although we are not relocating anytime soon, so this was perfect:)
— Ayu

You did a wonderful job of combining my shop houses with Cheryl’s tiles.
A true Peranakan masterpiece!! It will be the centerpiece of our living room back in the states.
And thanks for expediting the framed print. So happy we were able to meet you and bring back memories from our adventures in Singapore.
— Brad & Cheryl Baggaley

Hi Deborah,
The guys just dropped off my artwork. The set is absolutely perfect! I love the combination of motifs, colors, depth and variety - and I’m sure it will take me time to discover all the details. Thank you so very much for translating my very vague idea into these beautiful pieces.
— Cheryl Smith

We have just received the artwork and we are very happy with it:
the shades of blue colors are very well balanced and all pattern details are combined with harmony.
Thanks again for this wonderful masterpiece which illuminates our living space.
— Nathalie Charpentier

Hello Deborah
Just wanted to say your picture is up and we love it!
The guy was really good! Came straight away at 11 am and was very good.
We loved all your work and you.
— Berry

I just got the print today.
It is so pretty, I am so much looking forward to putting it on the wall.
I was a guide at the Peranakan Museum in Singapore.
I am so fascinated with the culture and this picture takes me back.
My husband also loves it. Have a great summer.
— Randi Hjelmstad

Testimonials for Workshops

I had always been curious about screen print technique. Talking Textiles’ workshop offered me a great opportunity to try a new form of art to explore.
I really enjoyed the 5 hours at the studio working with all the screen print faculties. It was fun and friendly atmosphere.
Enjoyable, right paced and encouraging!
— Michelle Ma

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