Pottery Jungle


Acrylic Painting, Silkscreen Printing, Gold Foiling & Stitchwork on Canvas


Out in the middle of the jungle, a hidden treasure awaits, resting in the summer sun you’ll find an original dragon kiln where beautiful ceramics are fired ... blue & white porcelain are displayed in huge volumes with the backdrop of jungle leaves peeping through. This artwork explores the idea of entering into this hidden world of visual delight .

The original image for this artwork was taken on a day out exploring. 92 Cairnhill is a heritage home that is located in a road just off Singapore’s well-known Orchard Road. The overgrown foliage surrounding this particular home is what initially drew me to this image. I love the way the blue gate is framed by large tropical plants; it reminds me of the story of the secret garden. I think Singapore’s historical homes have many stories to tell and this is just one of them. These patterns re-emphasizes the unique mix of cultures that are visually displayed in Singapore’s Shophouses.