Silk of the Orient


Acrylic Painting, Silkscreen Printing & Stitchwork on Canvas


This piece looks at the textile trade in Singapore today, showing an appreciation for these traditional techniques that can still be seen in Singapore today.

To begin with, I take photographs in order to gather inspiration.  Little India is the location to find tailors sewing on the sidewalks, often hemming the edges of jeans. King George Street is an ideal location to find original old Singer sewing machines that are used today in light industry.

Chinatown is filled with posters advertising the many tailoring services that are available, a fast service that Asia has become well known for. One of the highlights for many tourists traveling to Asia is the idea of having a tailor-made suit created in just a few hours!

This artwork is a mixed media piece. The primary method used to create the Artworks is silk-screening. Once the silkscreen image has been depicted, the canvas is then reworked with paint and brush as well as fabric and stitch which are also applied to the work. As a result, the artwork contains a variety of techniques and textures truly reflecting the creative energy of the studio.