Urban Jungle

H108 x W215cm

Acrylic Painting, Silkscreen Printing, Foiling, Fabric Applique & Stitchwork on Canvas


Singapore is often referred to as the Garden City.  In 196, the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had a vision to transform the city into a ‘Garden City’. As a result, major works took place all over the city planting trees and creating beautiful green spaces. This artwork ‘Urban Jungle’, shows the contrast of high-rise buildings, impressive angular structures, towering above the lush organic greenery that surrounds them. The combination of the two, balances each other well as a harmony is created with the organic & constructed.
This artwork measures an impressive 2.2meters, which was necessary to capture the many buildings that make up Singapore’s CBD.  The time captured in this artwork is known as ‘Golden Hour’, as the sun is setting, the sky is filled with pinks & oranges, plants are either soaked in golden light or illuminated green.
The foreground of the artwork is highly textured, the plants here are embellished with Chinese silk, Indian Saris and Batik, all paying homage to the multi-cultural society found in Singapore’s bustling city.